Let His Words Root Deep in Our Heart

A short recap of last week’s lesson as we move forward into the week ahead.  

     Luke’s Gospel, in the 8th Chapter, shows us that Jesus will take the time to answer our questions.  Jesus would allow the crowds to come, taking time to teach them; whether saved, unsaved, or just looking to see what “Jesus would do next”.  

     More importantly, after His teaching, He was concerned with what you were going to do with His teaching by the explanation He gave His disciples – are His words planted in our hearts.  

     At the end of Jesus’ parable of the sower in Luke 8:8, Luke records that Jesus “shouted out to all who would hear” saying to “listen with our heart and we would understand(Luke 8:8.TPT).  Jesus is saying the part of the body that we are listening with – is just as important as listening.  He tells his disciples in verse 10 “You have been given a teachable heart to perceive the secret, hidden mysteries of God’s kingdom realm.  But if our heart is not teachable His words are just merely stories”(Luke 8:10.TPT).  

     A thought of encouragement as we go into the week ahead – let His words root deep in our heart and cling to them.  Jesus says this is crucial so that “we may endure all things in faith, and that this seed will one day bear much fruit in our lives”(Luke 8:15.TPT).

See you next Sunday! ~ Jon

Bible references from The Passion Translation: Broad Street Publishing Group, LLC. 2017